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New Dimos Standing Seam Starter Kit


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Dimos Dipro-5400 + Dimos Triade 2000mm + 150kg Decoiler
Dipro-5400 Profiling Machine
Triade 2000mm Folding Machine & Slitter
250kg Trolley Decoiler
Other kits made up on request - please contact us!
(Code: SBACH-MP)
Available at Supplier
Schlebach MiniprofBasic 25mm standing seam machine

(Code: MSL-Sitemate-2000)
£ 2,654.00
MSL Site-Mate 2000 Folding MachineThe most advanced bender for site use!
(Code: Dimos-084745)
£ 10,058.69
Dimos Dipro P4600 Standing Seam Profiler

Lightweight profiling machine for the standing seam system, suitable for all metals including coated metals.

(Code: Dimos-084750)
£ 10,377.09
Dimos Dipro P5400 Profiler

Profiling machine for standing seam system, suitable for all metals including coated metals.

(Code: Dimos-084752)
£ 12,797.09
Dimos Dipro P5400S Profiler

Same model as Dimos Dipro P5400 but with slitter on infeed and length measuring device.

(Code: Dimos-084730)
£ 22,209.69
Dimos Dipro P7200 Standing Seam Profiler

Top of the range profiling machine for standing seam system, suitable for all metals including coated metals.

(Code: Dimos-083801)
£ 2,465.62
Dimos ProfibacManual profiling machine for batten roll system.

(Code: Dimos-82006)
£ 456.92
Dimos Roller Conveyor
Portable, extendable roller conveyor.

(Code: Dimos-087516)
£ 16,449.00
Available at Supplier
Dimos Dipro C6400 Curving MachineCurves convex pre-formed standing seam panels.

(Code: Tapco-Max20-22)
Discontinued Product
MAX 20 Folding Machine
Working length: 2200mm
Steel: 0.7mm
Aluminium: 1.0mm
Copper / zinc: 0.8mm
Weight: 110kg
Complete with stand, cut-off and tune-up kit.
(Code: MSL-Cuttolength)
Available at Supplier
MSL Cut-to-length & Slitting LinesVarious options available - please contact us with your requirements.
(Code: Dimos-082050)
£ 331.00
Dimos Trolley Decoiler 250
Decoiler useful for transportation as well as decoiling.

(Code: Dimos-082040)
£ 1,362.17
Dimos Reel Decoiler

Decoiler for larger coils.

(Code: D-082040-71224-71200)
£ 2,164.02
Available at Supplier
Delivery in approx 14 days
Dimos Reel Decoiler with Cross Slitter
Decoiler for larger coils complete with cross slitter.
(Code: Dimos-981453)
£ 2,136.51
Dimos Triade 1m With 'V' LegsFolding machine complete with slitter.

(Code: Dimos-981454)
£ 2,277.00
Dimos Triade 2m With 'V' LegsFolding machine complete with slitter.
(Code: Dimos-083428)
£ 399.00
Available at Supplier
Dimos Triade 2m Beading Option
Beading option to fit Dimos 2m Triade Folding Machine.
(Code: Dimos-071224)
£ 518.00
Dimos Triade Slitter
Slitting device for use with Dimos Triade Folding Machine.
(Code: Dimos-081340)
£ 24.00
Dimos Triade Spring
Replacement spring for Dimos Triade.
(Code: Dimos-071252)
£ 173.00
Available at Supplier
Dimos Triade Slitter Adaptor
Required to attach slitter to Dimos Triade Folding Machine.